FAME Racing a Micro Reality Race Track Business.

What is a Micro Reality Race Track Business?

Micro Reality Race Track is an industry term describing a radio-controlled racing unit.  Generally speaking, Micro Reality Racing uses 1/10 scale RC cars, a high-banked race track, and steering consoles rather than handheld controllers.  

The product itself is versatile having several configurations.

Most times, a micro reality racing unit is mobile, meaning it is easy to set up and tear down for transport.  Some owners, however, have installed a micro reality race track unit in a fixed location.  

Competitors race the provided cars against each other in a friendly competition.  The thrill of racing these RC cars makes Micro Reality Racing an extremely popular game.  

Simply stated, a Micro Reality Race Track business consists of having equipment and making a consistent income with the equipment.

For over 20 years, FAME Racing has been a leader in providing Race Themed attractions including Micro Reality Race Track.  Our business model has been proven year after year, providing us with a consistent 6-figure income.

Now, we want to show you how!

Why Is Micro Reality Racing So Popular?

FAME Micro Reality Racing draws huge crowds at events.

Micro Reality Racing is popular with both owners and audiences of all ages.

Micro Reality Racing Owners

For MR owners, the turnkey operation makes it easy to start earning money on your first gig.  The investment in equipment is reasonable, and the return on each gig can be great.  Because you as an owner, set your own schedule, you can work full-time or supplement your income doing a weekend gig.  

We decided early on that Fast Action was going to be our full-time business.  Working about 6 months out of the year provided us an income to take substantial time off to vacation.  In fact, there were some weekends that we made more than we would have working our previous full-time jobs for 2 months.  

Imagine for a minute, what you would do with all of that free time.  Where would you travel?  What home projects could you complete having both the time and the money?

Customers and Clients of Micro Reality Racing

Clients and customers find great value in the racing excitement.  Because it’s hand on and fun for all motorsports activity, MR racing provides a unique friendly competition.  Since there is no special skill involved, everyone can participate.  From Grandma to a 3-year-old, everyone has fun with the racing action.  

Micro Reality RC Racing is a Win-Win

In short, owning and operating an MR track puts you in the just-for-fun motorsport business.  Every event is a party and people want to have a good time.  Gigs are normally short and the pay is high.  Being an owner brings a win to everyone: the client, the customer, and most importantly YOU!


What Can Owning a Micro Reality Race Track Unit Business Do For You?

Micro Reality Race Track Owner holding a

Be your own boss!

For some the opportunity of owning your own business sounds like a dream come true.  Getting paid to travel is a huge benefit.  As a business owner, you control your income, the hours you work, and where you want to go.

As micro reality race track owners, we discovered that we could travel and make money at the same time.  We built our business model partly around the areas that we wanted to visit.

Of course, if you prefer staying local, there are plenty of options for your business as well. 

Fast Action Motorsports has brought racing action to events in 21 states and Canada.  We are well-versed in a variety of venues.  Let us show you how to increase your revenue and book better shows with your micro reality RC race track.


Do Micro Reality RC Tracks make money?

In short, Micro Reality RC tracks have the ability to make a lot of money.  However, implementing a strategy and business plan is imperative.  

A well-thought-out, proven business model with years of experience will help alleviate the stress of finding a gig.  Cold calls are rarely effective.  

We created a sustaining multi-six-figure income since 2005.  Our business model is easy and can make you a sustainable income as well.  Let us show you how!

Who is Qualified to be a Successful Micro Reality Owner?

Micro reality race track business owners smiling and giving the thumbs up

Being a successful Micro Reality Race Track Owner is up to you.  

If owning your own business, being your own boss, and setting your own schedule while having more time and money appeal to you, then that is a clue that the Micro Reality Racing business might be right for you. 

With no hobby experience or racing experience, we jumped in, bought a track, and started making money immediately.  The business opportunity was attractive enough for us to take advantage of the opportunity of ownership.

With the help of an experienced track owner like us, you can feel confident and lessen the learning curve of owning a Micro Reality Race Track business.  

Success depends only on your level of commitment to making your business prosperous.  We can help you transition from novice to expert quickly.  

What more can we say about Micro Reality RC racing?

The ROI for a business owner can be large.  Over the years, we have grown Fast Action exponentially from having one track to running 4 tracks consecutively.  

So let me ask you.  When was the last time you made $4000 in one day?  Would an extra $2000 a week change your financial outlook?

Let us show you how!

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