Portable RC Race Track Business.

 Do RC Tracks Make Money?

In today’s economy, do RC Tracks make money?

The short answer to this question is YES.  Your portable race track should make money.  Realistically, your RC Racing Business should make upwards of $1200 a day easily.  In fact, we have made over $5000 in one day on a play for play and $10,000 on a corporate gig.

If your portable RC Race Tracks are not performing this well, there are several ways to increase your revenue.   

Our methods have proven time after time that portable race tracks do make money.  We can help you incorporate our strategies into your business model, easily. 

Stop losing money and wasting time.  Book better events, make more money and get to the top of your game.  For over 15 years, we have perfected our systems and methods.

Now, we are ready to share them with you.  We are confident when we say YES, to the question “Do RC Tracks make money”.  In fact, they make a lot of money! 

Did You Buy an RC Racing Business or Did You Buy a Micro Reality Race Track?

Individual pieces of a portable RC Race Track.

Like many portable rc track owners, you bought some micro reality equipment with the hopes of having a lucrative business.  You thought that shiny new thing with its super huge scoreboard and tent was just going to sell itself, right?

Sure, we’ve been there.  

We couldn’t understand why everybody didn’t want to book us.  We had the look, we had the equipment, but what we didn’t have was the game.

It appears that the Rock Wall guy and the Bull Rider guy are making bank right?  Also, it appears that the Magician and the Pig Racers are raking in the bucks as paid entertainers.  Well, here’s a secret.  

They probably are, so why aren’t you stacking the Benjamins?  

Let me take you back in time when we were fresh in the RC Racing Business.  

I remember that day like the back of my hand.  We were exhibiting at a trade show when someone approached and asked me how much we charge, I didn’t have an answer.  For the first time, I was dumbfounded and speechless, not realizing that we could get PAID for our portable RC track.  

For an entire year, I fretted knowing I left money on the table.  Never wanting to be put in that position again, I had to have a plan in place.

After working harder than needed, and making far less than I should have that year, we went back to that marketing expo.  This time we had a plan.  

The show doors opened and we met our first buyer within 30 minutes.  Not only did he love the concept, but he signed a contract on the trade show floor AND gave us a deposit.  Subsequently, we booked that show for several years following.

We can show you our secret!

How’s Your Pay for Play Game?

Do rc tracks make money?

Does $3 a driver sound familiar?  How about letting the winner stay on for another race?  

If you are one of the many micro reality owners that have adopted this philosophy, then no wonder you are losing money.

We did too!

However, we did not continue to lose on pay for play.  With a few small changes, our revenue increased by 40%.  Could you benefit from a 40% increase?

You can!  Let us show you how!

Work Smarter, NOT Harder!


There was a time that we would work 12 hours a day and clear a little less than $500 in pay play for play.  Likewise, we didn’t know our value to a potential paying client.  In fact, one of our first paid gigs was for a 4th of July party.  We contracted a 4-hour party for $600.  

Who does that?

We did because we didn’t know any better.  Does this sound familiar?

How Do RC Tracks Make Money?


A portable RC Track business has at least nine possible streams of income:

  1. Private Rentals
  2. Corporate Rentals
  3. Pay for Play
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Merchandise
  6. Photo Opportunity
  7. Videos
  8. Social Media Influencer
  9. Paid Entertainment

With these diverse methods and some imagination, you too can create a money-generating machine. What’s even more exciting, is that many of these streams can create income simultaneously.

Let us show you how!

Are You Ready To Start Earning with Your Portable RC Track?

From those early days of making a few hundred dollars to clearing $5000 in a pay for play AND writing paid contracts in excess of $30,000, our portable RC Track business changed.  


What if we could help you increase your sales, book better gigs, and work less?  Would you be interested?


If that’s a YES, you owe it to yourself to call (302)632-9623 NOW!

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