Tire Change Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be the rear tire changer on a Pit Crew? Take the Pit Crew Tire Change Challenge today. Your challenge is to score the fastest time during the day or event and be eligible to win cash or prizes.

There is No heavy lifting. Simply pick up the Impact Wrench and the adrenaline will start to flow. Press the trigger and loosen all 5 lugnuts, pull the tire out and rotate it, place the tire back on the studs and tighten the lugnuts. Place the impact wrench in its holster and Your time will be recorded.

The Tire Change Challenge is compact and portable: A great traffic stopper. This exciting attraction is available by itself or in combination with your complete Motorsports Experience.

The Tire Change Challenge is great for NASCAR Parties, Car Shows, Fairs and Hospitality Events. Ask a FAME Rep Today for details on how to add your company logo or your event sponsors’ logo to the Rear Quarter Panel for promotions during this exciting high energy event.